Friday, July 27, 2007

Mommy Brain 2

I really had good intentions when I got up this morning. For the first time in weeks I didn't have to get up to the very irritating buzz of my old alarm clock and I actually slept in. Full of energy (and a lot of other things, ha!) I was ready to accomplish all the things I'd been putting off the last couple of weeks.

Now like most busy moms I have lists. I have magnetic notepads all over the fridge designated for different things, i.e. grocery shopping, Target, DVD's to pick up, etc., and Post-It pads everywhere, even in my purse. I finally gave up on the idea of getting completely organized, thus the lists at least give me some feeling of keeping it together.

Now of course I never get everything on a list done. I've found it's almost impossible, especially when I'm limited on time and/or energy. When I'm tired I'm cranky so the lists get longer but at least I'm still feeling somewhat organized by writing everything down. However, I did get all the shopping done and have dinner readying on the stove now, then later tonight I'll sit down with my son and program our new phone (that may take considerable brain energy, so I think I'll take a nap first).

The one thing that never makes it the lists is housekeeping. It shouldn't be on a list I tell myself, because just looking around should give me a clue that it needs to be done. I'm a stickler for the kitchen and bathrooms always being clean, that's never a problem, and I'm so organized on the laundry (black basket for black clothes, white for white, etc.) that it never gets overwhelming. But cobwebs and dust bunnies? It's amazing how if I turn my head the other way and don't see them they simply don't exist. It's that simple, they just disappear like magic, my fairy godmother just whooshes them away with her wand! When is it truly time to clean house? When I start having an uncontrollable, what seems endless sneezing attack because - get this - I'm allergic to dust. Couldn't be allergic to chocolate or all things calories, oh no, not me. When the dust attacks it's time to clean. But I haven't sneezed all week so I guess the house is clean. Don't want to over-do it!

One thing I did accomplish today though - yes I replaced that irritating alarm clock. And the things I didn't get done today? I've already started another list.

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