Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Where the *)^@%*&(^! is Grace?

Ever hear that phrase "growing old with grace? It runs through my mind every time I color my hair.

Now I have long, straight dark hair, almost black. I don't get gray hair. Oh no, not me. I get white, curly hair. Now I know I should just accept it but when the light hits it its blinding. Honestly, I tell people to put on their shades before they look at me, yes it's that bad. My friend Sarah told me where she comes from they believe when your hair gets gray it's because you're aging but when it turns white it's because your children love you. A load of crap if you ask me, but if it's true then my son must love me a lot! Sarah also said that the hair is curly because it's like little hugs all over my head. I'm pretty sure she made that up.

Anyway, tonight I decided it was once again time to color my hair. All the women in my family have red hair - my mom, my sisters, all my nieces and most of my cousins - so of course I'm the rebellious one and always go brown. I'm really pale and I like the way it makes me look kind of sinister. First rinsing my hair, of course that's the easy part. Then shaking the color in the tube. No problem - I've mastered that step too. Applying it to my hair without making a mess - well let's just say most of it made its way to my head, along with the back of the sink, the faucet, the floor, the throw rug, the back of the toilet, the window sill. You name it and that's where it goes. At least I closed the door first. Then because I have so much hair (which is cool since everyone else in my family is going bald) I put a shower cap over it and keep it on for 20 minutes. Then jump in the shower and rinse it all out (of course it splattered all over the walls of the shower, at least the shower head moves so I can rinse it off). Then I'm exhausted.

OK, I know a lot of women color their hair. A lot of women go to a salon and have it done. But for some reason I have to be and do it at home. It's something I dread every time because I make such a mess. Is it vanity? Oh no! It's another why I help make the world better for the people around me because they don't have to worry about their retinas burning.

Between this ordeal, the side shifting down the stairs in the morning, the cracking of my knees when I sit down the first time in the morning I have to ask "Who's Grace and does anyone know her email?"

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Beeba said...


Sounds like I could have done this entry!!! I too, have the long hair, mostly grey now, cause I gave up dying it a long time ago!!! I cut mine so rarely, so the ends got so burnt, I had to cut most of it off. Just got disgusted...but., I am threatning to dye it again, so, we shall see!! Nice page here, by the way!!!

Mauigirl said...

LOL! I know what you mean. I was coloring my hair up until about 7 months ago and I finally decided the heck with it. I am glad I let it go because now it is a nice salt-and-pepper and friends have actually told me they prefer it to when I was coloring it; it always looked too red no matter how hard I tried to match my original brown color. And it sure makes things easier!