Thursday, August 9, 2007


It has been a trying couple of weeks, a million things spinning around me needing to be done, one after another, including the 24-hour flu I caught at my sister's home (where there's almost always someone sick) and I was worn out last night, so in the warm early evening in an effort to regroup I went outside to get some fresh air and sat on the step in front of my door.

At first there was a very light warm breeze but after a while it became stronger, wrapping around me, ruffling my blouse and playing through my hair. As I breathed in the fresh air I could feel the strength and subtle power of nature as the fragrance of honeysuckle sweetly filled the air. The trees swayed in time with the rhythm of the wind gently blowing the leaves across the dancing grass. As the wind whispered against the windows it carried laughter from nearby. Across the street a flag unfurled and danced on unseen currents.

I blew a wish into a dandelion, knowing the wind would carry my wish through the world to an unknown destination where it would be safe until time for it to be released and formed. I breathed deeply in and out, in and out, until the wind's soothing but powerful force filled my body with new energy and soothed my soul.

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