Monday, October 22, 2007

48 and Still Breathing!

I am now officially 48 years old. Yeah, I turned the big 48 this weekend. And I can say that with a smile - I'm still breathing and life is glorious!

Started my day actually with a mammogram (oh joy!) but believe me it got better after that. Actually this time it wasn't such a bad experience. The tech was a lovely person and we were so busy talking I didn't really pay attention when she actually did the study. But thankfully it's over for at least 6 months.

On Saturday my son and I attended the televised Bioneers conference at the local university. Now I know to some people this would not sound thrilling, but this was my first conference and it was actually very inspiring and got me thinking more as to what I really want to do when I get out of my present career. I've been a medical transcriptionist for too many years and quite frankly I'm looking forward to getting into something entirely different. I've gotten a lot of signals the last couple of weeks that my life needs to start down a new course and working with environmental issues may just be the ticket. I've always been a major Mother Earth girl and I would love to get involved in bettering the world. Topped off Saturday night with pizza and a movie, "Planet Terror," the one with the girl whose leg gets amputated and her boyfriend replaces it with a machine gun. Very gross movie but entertaining and I absolutely enjoyed it. Who figured I would be such a warped mom? Ah, the joys of parenthood . . . I love it!

Sunday my wonderful son took me out to lunch and then we spent the evening at my niece's birthday party (she's 5 going on 40, you know the ones), about 10 friends with 20 kids running around like a bunch of nuts just enjoying ourselves. I love parties but don't get to many, so it was a blast. Of course by the end of the night this lady was pooped and after another very interesting and enjoyable 3-1/2 hour phone call with my friend Tim in Tennessee, who is moving out here to California next month, I hit the hay with a thud!

Now I know this doesn't sound like a thrilling birthday weekend but it was. I spent time with some of the people I love most in the world, especially my son, and once again I'm thankful for every day I wake up. I can finally face the fact that I am middle-aged. But I guess I'm lucky, I like myself much more now than I ever have before. I'm not ready to "buy the farm" nor will I be "pushing up daisies' anytime soon, and although I've been told too much lately I'm not getting any younger I am certainly getting better.

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Mauigirl said...

Happy birthday! 48 - you're still a spring chicken. I just turned 54. And I must say this general age is liberating - as you said, you like yourself more than ever.

And thanks so much for the two awards! I'm honored! Now I'll have to think of who to pass along the honor to!

Adrian said...

You're only as old as you feel Bev, and you're an eternal babe! Happy belated birthday!

Heidi said...

Happy birthday!!!

Women in their 40's are to be feared and respected. We're babes with experience and a healthy self-image. We know things. We speak our minds. We make things happen.