Friday, December 14, 2007

True Joy of Christmas

Last night we picked up our Christmas tree. We usually have a big one but this year Jason picked it out. He wanted one of those really little ones but we ended up with a 6 foot tree, just right for our small livingroom. Every year we put the tree up together but I decided this year we would do it the way he wanted it. Instead of getting out all the boxes of ornaments (it's amazing how many you accumulate over the years!) he wanted just the big lights, the crystal garland, the red star that goes on the top and his new Spiderman ornament, which we picked up during the week, a tradition we have shared since he was a little guy.

I'm really surprised with our little tree and amazed by my son. The time of season when it seems so many people lose sight of what the holidays are really about -- spending time with the people we love -- my son has reminded me once again what is truly important. He is happy with our pathetic little tree and that makes me happy. A few nights ago we drove around town looking at all the lights and then came home and put ours up. They are not neat and perfectly stretched across the front of our home but drooping and looped, carefree and rebellious like us! My anal retentive brother would have a fit!

This time of year it's so easy to be distracted by making everything just right -- the huge tree sparkling with millions of lights, the perfect gifts you run all over town to find and develop an ulcer at the same time, the lights stretched perfectly along the edge of your roof. Moments of joy can be replaced by anxiety for making one day perfect, when the perfect gift is being with someone you love. Every moment you share with someone special is a moment to celebrate and cherish and to be grateful for. It's a gift that outshines all others!

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