Thursday, November 15, 2007

Goodbye Sara!

My fave TV show is "CSI" and tonight Sara said goodbye. Jorja Fox had verified months ago that tonight's episode would be her last, and as sad as it is for fans like me it was a very good send-off. Unlike so many TV characters Sara didn't die and I'm glad, because to have her die would have made an already very intense and emotional episode even more so and when have been a disservice to her.

Sara was my fave character for so many reasons. I can identify with her dysfunctional family background, her sensitivity, her intense emotions, her loyalty to those she cared about and her constant questioning of a world in chaos. And yes, like every romantic soul I loved the relationship between her and Gil Grissom (he's hot too), the man she had loved for what seemed forever and finally got. It was a great romantic story of two people who truly loved and respected each other.

Yes, Sara didn't die and they've left the door open for her to return perhaps someday. Who knows? Every season is supposed to be the last but it keeps going and I love the show. This was a classic end to Sara's run and even the letter she left for Gil (because she couldn't tell him goodbye) was beautiful:

“Gil, you know I love you. I feel I've loved you forever,” she wrote. “Since my father died, I’ve spent almost my entire life with ghosts ... it’s time to bury them ... You were my one and only ... Our life together was the only home I’ve ever had ... I love you, I always will. Goodbye.”

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Abby said...

Sara was one of my favorite characters too and the show seems so different without the sparks between her and Gil. I do hope she returns before the show goes off. I heard this is the last season, but I believe they said that last year too!