Sunday, November 11, 2007

Across the Universe

If it's possible to fall in love with a movie I have. After months of anticipation yesterday my son and I finally traveled up to "the city" to see "Across the Universe" and needless to say it was worth the wait. Now I'm a die-hard Beatles fan -- their music has been the soundtrack of my life -- so I guess I'm prejudiced, but the movie was better than I could have imagined.

Basically a boy-meets-girl story, Jude is a dreamer, a Liverpool dockworker who travels to America in search of his father. Jude strikes up a friendship with Max, a Princeton student, and falls in love with Lucy, Max's sister. Max is drafted and Jude and Lucy are swept up in the evolving counterculture of left-wing politics, sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll.

It's a wonderful film with lots of quirky and amazing characters and if you've wondered whatever happened to Joe Cocker now you know. Bono also showed up for the ride. Sure, it's not perfect, but it's quirky, endearing and surreal. Its 33 Beatles songs (two without words) have been re-recorded and sung by the actors and I was in pure heaven as the audience (all of us slightly off-tune) sang along. Emotionally true to the Beatles the music is refreshing, idealistic and joyful -- as it should be. And for a moment you can truly believe that love really is all you need.

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mexibeatle said...

What can I say about this movie? That has not been said already. It's really weird, here we go to this film, some out of pure fanatic love of The Beatles, some out of couriousity, some for the music, some just to prove to themselves that nobody and I mean nobody can do it as good as the The Beatles. Which we all know that to be true.
I on the other hand went to build a memory. I have three sons John ,Paul and James. You can see where my mind is. Any way, all of my sons are Beatle fans.In fact all of my nieces,sisters, brothers, nephews, daughters, and the biggest fan, my twin brother.He named his son Steven Lennon.I have a grand nephew that was named Ash Harrison.
Any way back to the movie I took my son and nephew (ages 11and 10 years old) to see it opening night.We went into a theater that had five couples in the entire theater. I looked at my son and said "This is likely to be the only ones in here,us 13 people. I felt a bit awkward and sad. This is movie made possible by The Beatles for Gods sake and this is all the audiance it could drum up? Boy was I wrong.

Before the film began these Kids from around 13 to 22 (I'm 50)whites blacks mexican,every different race started filling the theater.they were being young and making alot of noise talking on their cell phones yelling at each other from across the theater, running , jumping over their seats. I guess normally would have been mad at this unruly madness. But I was not. I was enjoying seeing these kids in all of their youth.But I did not want them messing up the film for me.
The film started....
Silence filled the theather.
I was in awe. Everytime the movie made a referrence to a Beatle thing my son would look at me and say that's sexy Sadie, thats Maxwell, or Thats Prudence she came in through the bathroom window.He loves Beatle music my nephew did not know that much about the music.But he knows now The kids in the audiance would start to sing to every song. Hell even my son nephew and I started singing. it was great.
I guess what this music and the film made me feel is young and happy as everytime I hear a Beatle song . Memories are a good thing to have, even better when they re happy memories. and that is what The Beatles gave me happy memories . And that is what I want my son to have whenever he hears a Beatle song