Friday, December 21, 2007

My Christmas Project

When I was a kid everybody in our neighborhood knew each other, for better or worse. Of course I grew up in the 60s and 70s when you saw more kids out playing and all of them went to the same school. My parents knew all the other parents in the neighborhood and although not all were considered friends we did all stick together and were there for each other. I don't know if people were just friendlier back then but I do know it made a huge difference knowing the community.

Now the town I live in is very unfriendly. I've lived here almost 19 years and I still know few people. I'm very nice and approachable but most of the people here aren't. And it bothers me that we have lived in our very small complex (only 23 apartments) for over a year and still know only two of our neighbors.

So here's my project this Christmas. I've sent out holiday cards to all our neighbors. I didn't sign our names -- I don't believe in doing something just for praise -- in hopes that it will open the door to all our neighbors to be friendlier and get to know each other. Now if you knew the community I live in you would see that this is not a small task -- people just aren't friendly here -- but we shall see.

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