Saturday, December 22, 2007

Time for a Career Change?

I've been a medical transcriptionist more than half my life -- in other words A LONG TIME! Now that my son is almost grown I'm considering making a career change and looking into different fields. I've often thought about going back to school to become a teacher, and now this quiz has pretty much confirmed this may be a good career choice for me.


That's right -- I can take on 22! Nearly a whole class! Now anyone who knows me knows I adore children but I do believe this would look better on my resume than a degree right?

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Stupid Git said...

My mother was a teacher for over twenty years then left it to "finally make some money" and went into real estate. About two years ago I visiting home for the holidays and at church this young man came up to her and excitedly gave her a big hug and she had trouble recognizing him. It was one of her students - and a troublemaker at that - from almost two decades ago and he told her about all the things he was doing and how much she'd helped him in his early years. It was a really sweet and touching moment which as soon as he left I of course had to ruin by asking her how many of her real estate customers have ever been excited to see her even five minutes after buying their house. About a year ago she left real estate and is back working with children again and happy as can be.

The education system can be a real headache but after your years of dealing with the medical industry and all it's bureaucracy, I'm sure your used to it. If you have a gift for teaching and the willingness to do it, I can tell you from watching my mother over all these years that it is one of the most emotionally rewarding things you can possibly do. It's just a shame incomes are directly inverted in regards to how much you help people in this country.