Thursday, December 6, 2007

Polar Bear Attack

These are pictures of an actual polar bear attack in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. These pictures were taken while people watched and could do nothing to stop the attack! Reports from the local newspaper say that the victim will make a full recovery. Warning: Not for the squeamish!

I'm happy to know the victim is expected to recover -- I can see how a vicious attack like this could traumatize someone! Ha!

This story was shared with me by my friend Michael, and looking into it I learned that each October the remote Canadian town of Churchill in Manitoba, which is smack in the middle of the polar bears' migration route, plays host to more than 1,000 hungry polar bears that gather there to await the refreezing of Hudson Bay and then move out on the ice in pursuit of their traditional winter diet of seal. Read more here.

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Linda said...

So adorable!

Dave said...

That is one vicious attack, ha! Love the story!

Mauigirl said...

So cute!

BTW, I tagged you for a meme! Come and see what it is and you can decide if you want to play!

Sue said...

Love your blog!