Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sing Me a Rainbow

The rainbow has been called by some the "Gateway to Heaven." An ancient heraldic sign of peace, safe travel, and good luck a rainbow symbolizes heavenly glory and celestial wonder and serves as a bridge between earth and paradise. The colors of the rainbow reflect its divine qualities.

The rainbow is an ancient and universal symbol, often representing the connection between human beings and their gods. In Greek mythology it was associated with Iris, the goddess who brought messages from the gods on Mount Olympus. In Scandinavian mythology the rainbow was a bridge between the gods and the earth. In the Chinese tradition, the rainbow is a common symbol for marriage because the colours represent the union of yin and yang. The rainbow represents the possibility of a better world in the future and promising sunshine after the rain.

Yesterday thinking about the upcoming holidays I thought about my father and how much I miss him. The more I tried not to think about him the more I thought about him. This is my first Christmas without him and yesterday it especially hit me hard that he is gone now. It rained all night into this morning and cleared by the time I took my son to school. When we arrived there we noticed in the sky the most beautiful double rainbows I've ever seen, sisters standing next to each other and extending over the entire school. They were magical and dreamy and seemed so close you could touch them. And that's when I thought of all I had learned about rainbows, and even though they could be shared by everyone who saw those beautiful masterpieces this morning I thought of my father and smiled, because for me it was a sign from him that he is still here watching over me and bringing me my own personal sunshine after the rain.

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Mauigirl said...

Beautiful post about rainbows and your father. I too always feel rainbows have a certain significance to them when I see them - I feel sure it was a sign from your father.

Linda said...

Sounds to me like your dad was sending you hugs and love Bev. I really believe that!